Your Laptop is Killing Your Back (But Here’s What You Can Do About It!)

Dear Desk Jockey,

Your back is killing you. Your neck is sore.

When you look into the mirror, you see a hunchback.

All this time spent in front of your laptop can’t be good for you.

But what are you going to do?

After all, you’ve got articles to read, papers to write, and emails to send. 

You can’t put your life on standstill just because your neck is sore.

Well did you know, there’s actually a way you can spend hours in front of your laptop without wrecking your body? 

Reading and writing won’t bother your neck anymore. You’ll be able to sit comfortably at your desk all day long.

You’ll exhibit confidence with your posture. Your back will be straight. Your chest will puff out.

As a result, you’ll feel better AND you’ll look better! 

Your pain will disappear. Your soreness will dissipate. You’ll be able to finish all your work and feel GREAT!

But before I go on, let’s talk about why laptops are so bad for you in the first place.

Why are laptops so bad for your body, and what can be done?

It’s no secret that staring at a computer screen all day is bad for your body.

But why are laptops so bad for you?

Because they’re short and small. 

Proper ergonomics states that healthy posture is achieved by having your eyes level with the top of your computer screen.

So if laptops are smaller and shorter than desktops, then that means you’re looking down at your laptop screen when working.

In other words, your eye level sits above the top of your laptop screen, forcing you to look down.

As a result, your neck pokes forward and your shoulders round, leading to an ugly humpback posture: 


So what can be done?

The answer is simple: elevate your laptop so that the top if the screen is level with your eyes.

Doing this will force you to sit upright.

You’ll be made more aware of your posture, and your body will thank you as a result.

The best way to elevate your laptop is by using a laptop stand.

I really like this one from Rain Design. It’s called the iLevel 2:

iLevel 2

What makes the iLevel 2 better than other laptops stands?

1. You can adjust the height

Most laptop stands only come with one height option… Not the iLevel 2 though!

The iLevel 2 is made with a slider, which you can use to adjust the height of the stand (from as low as 5.4 inches to as high as 7.9 inches).

This means that regardless of how tall (or how short!) you are, the iLevel 2 will be able to accommodate you.

2. It comes in one-piece

Unlike many laptop stands, which you have to assemble yourself, the iLevel 2 comes ready to be used!

Yes! This seriously means that all you have to do when it arrives is take it out of the box, plop it onto your desk, and it’s good to go!

No dealing with screws, nuts, and bolts.

No reading instructions and looking at diagrams, trying to figure out what goes where.


3. Looks the most stylish (especially with Macs)

Most of the laptop stands out there are extremely ugly.

Not the iLevel 2 though!

The iLevel 2 comes in a sleek and slim design: it looks incredibly sexy, and takes up very little room.

Additionally, you have a choice of three colours, including silver, which pairs perfectly with MacBooks.

If you’re someone who values congruency, and takes pride in having matching furniture, then pairing the silver iLevel 2 with your MacBook is a no-brainer!

You’ll look like the trendiest person on the block, and everyone will be jealous of your new setup.

mac on stand

iLevel 2 FAQ:

“Why can’t I just use books as my laptop stand?”

Because books will cause your laptop to overheat. The dense layers of paper will hold in heat, giving it no way to escape.

On the other hand, the iLevel 2 is made with aluminum, which actually cools your laptop, and prevents it from overheating.

The way that the stands slant facilitates this cooling process by allowing the heat to escape easier.

Also, the slant makes it easier to achieve a good posture, as it will make your laptop screen more upright.

“What size computer will this stand accommodate?”

The iLevel 2 accommodate all sizes of MacBooks.

If you own a PC, then make sure the width doesn’t exceed 15” and the depth doesn’t exceed 10.4”.

“Is a stand the only thing that I need?”

No. You’ll also need a wireless keyboard and mouse to go along with the stand. If you continue typing on your laptop while it’s raised, you’ll end up placing a lot of strain on your arms.

The Apple Wireless Magic Keyboard and the Apple Magic Mouse go perfectly along with the stands. Your work station will never look better!

apple wireless mouse and keyboard

How You Can Become More Confident Just by Sitting

If you have bad posture, pain, or tightness, then it’s probably due to all the time that you spend in front of the computer.

But not to worry.

Because with the iLevel 2, you’ll still be able to spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

The difference is that this time, you won’t experience pain, soreness, or bad posture as a result.

Your back won’t hurt, your shoulders won’t droop, and your neck won’t strain.

In addition, it’s been scientifically proven that people who display confident posture actually become MORE confident as a result.

This means that you’ll experience a BOOST of confidence just by changing the way you sit.

Confident people attract the attention of others. They exude dominance and are treated with respect.

So when people start treating you differently… you’ll know why! 

Putin sitting

No More Physio: Save up to $400 a month!

Physio appointments will be a thing of the past.

And thank god for that, because we all know how expensive physios cost.

If the average appointment costs $100, then you’d be spending $400 a month just for 4 weekly visits!

Plus, most physios only treat the symptoms, not the underlying cause. 

This ensures that you’ll be back time and time again: Good for the physios… not so good for you.

On the other hand, the iLevel 2 can prevent problems before they start AND treat problems that already exist.

The best part? The iLevel 2 doesn’t even cost as much as the average price of ONE physio appointment.

In fact, the iLevel 2 is yours today for ONLY $65.99!

So don’t wait for your muscles to tighten up further…

Don’t wait for your posture to disintegrate further…

And don’t wait for pain to take you down under.

Take action today and purchase the iLevel 2 by clicking here!

You’ll never have felt better!


Darren Li

P.S. The iLevel 2 is currently on SALE, meaning that the price won’t stay this low forever. Take action TODAY, before the price returns to normal.

Here’s What Some Amazon Customers Had to Say About the iLevel 2:

This is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. I have some very serious neck issues and the constant strain of looking down at my laptop was not helping. I ordered this stand, and what a difference! I now look straight ahead at my screen and my neck is feeling better. I would recommend this to anyone who has neck problems and needs to work on a laptop.

– LL

This product is absolutely perfect. It is sturdy and supportive. My back feels significantly better as a result of being able to adjust the stand to the right height. Absolutely love this product, highly recommend!

– Elliot

I chose the iLevel 2 over the mStand because it is adjustable. It raises your screen in order to create a desktop work environment. No straps, belts, or hooks. Easy on, easy off. Impressive.

– Andrew Pritzker

LOVE this apple laptop stand! All the other ones were not high enough. The iLevel 2 raises an additional 4-5 inches, which is necessary for my comfort. Ecstatic about this purchase!

– Amazon Customer

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