Stretching is NOT the Answer for Sciatica

Last week, we talked about how you can cure your sciatica if it’s stemming from a rotated pelvis.

In that previous post, I mentioned how if your pelvis is constantly pointing to the right, then it’s probably best to STRETCH your left hips and glutes, since they will be very tight as a result of your imbalance.

However, I also mentioned that you SHOULDN’T STRETCH your left hamstring.

“But why?” You’re probably wondering. “My hamstrings are sore as hell!”

Your sciatic nerve runs through your hamstrings, so when you’re suffering from sciatica, it feels like you have a very sore hamstring.

Your number one instinct will be to stretch the hell out of that hamstring, and while it will greatly relieve the pain, it’s only a matter of time before that pain starts to settle in again.

In other words, stretching is just a temporary solution.

In fact, stretching may actually be detrimental to your recovery.

I’ll explain why.

When I was suffering from sciatica, I kept trying to relieve the hamstring pain by stretching.

Why was this so bad?

Because my left hamstring actually became elongated from stretching it so much. Put simply, my left hamstring became much more flexible than my right, causing further imbalances throughout my lower-body.

So if stretching isn’t the answer for sciatica, then what is?

It depends.

What is the true cause of your sciatica?

Is it piriformis syndrome stemming from a rotated pelvis?

If so, then you just have to do the exercises that I demonstrated in my previous post.

If not, then it’s probably best to visit an osteopath who can determine the true cause of your sciatica.

They’ll be better able to assess your body.

Darren Li


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