How to Stop Your Shoulders from Cracking Just by Doing this One Simple Exercise

Did you know cracking shoulders may be a result of something much bigger?

For example, last week we talked about how scapular winging is when your shoulder blade is popping off your rib cage.

If your shoulders crack whenever you raise and lower them, then it’s probably cartilage scraping against bone.

And it’s very possible that this cracking noise is caused by a winged scapula.

So how can you stop your shoulders from cracking?

Well, if scapular winging is caused by your scap popping out, then we must make it move the opposite way, which is forward.

So what you do is simple:

Grab a wooden stick with both hands and hold it using an overhand grip

Raise the stick over your head, and then lower it back down all the way

As your raise and lower the stick, you want to do 2 things: SHRUG YOUR SHOULDERS UP AND PUSH THEM FORWARD

By moving the scaps forward, you are putting them in place and preventing them from popping out

As a result, your shoulders will be properly positioned, and they won’t make that clicking noise anymore

You want to repeat this movement 15 times. Aim for 2-3 sets a day

Eventually, you should be able to perform this exercise relatively quickly. When your shoulders feel smooth and supple, that’s when you know you’re ready to add some weight.

Grab some dumbbells and perform the same motion, but this time, make sure not to bring the weights over your head. Ideally, you should stop when the dumbbells are level with your shoulders. This is called a front raise.

So if your shoulders are clicking due to a protruding scapula, then we must put that scapula back in place by pushing it FORWARD.

The exercise we just described is a great way to do that.

Darren Li


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