How to Cure Your Sciatica Just by Moving Your Pelvis

Are you still dealing with sciatica, despite doing your physio exercises?

If so, you’re not alone.

In this post, I’ll show you how you can cure your sciatica just by changing the way you position your pelvis.

Because sometimes, doing a few exercises isn’t enough.

For example, I published a post in July demonstrating how you can instantly relieve your sciatica just by performing some exercises.

I explained how such exercises can correct a rotated pelvis, which may be the source of your pain.

While the exercises did diminish my pain, I quickly learned that the comfort wasn’t permanent.

When I started to squat again, the pain slowly creeped back.

It got to a point where I was only squatting 65 lbs., but was experiencing an aggravating amount of pain after.

When I saw my osteopath, he mentioned that my pelvis had reset itself: It was constantly pointing to the right again.

He had me sit on the edge of his table, and showed me how my left knee was slightly in front of my right, indicating a misaligned pelvis.

Clearly, I wasn’t sitting properly.

To fix this problem, my osteo told me to shift my right pelvis forward whenever I’m sitting. This will realign the pelvis.

In that last post, I was talking about how we tend to stand on our right leg. This causes our left hip to roll forward and our pelvis to shift right. Over time, pain starts to develop down the back of our left leg.

The way to fix this problem is by standing with your left leg slightly behind your right. This forces your left hip to shift back and become more centered as a result.

Lastly, my osteo explained how I have to be mindful of how I sleep.

Make sure to sleep in a straight line, preferably on your back… And as you sleep, try to shift your pelvis left.

So to conclude, here are the 3 modifications you must make in order to permanently cure your sciatica: 

  1. Sit with your right hip shifted forward 
  2. Stand with your left leg slightly behind your right 
  3. Sleep on your back in a straight line 

After about a week of doing the exercises and constantly modifying how you walk, sit, and sleep, your sciatica should disappear.

So you see, fixing your sciatica requires more effort than just doing a few exercises.

It requires constant thought and constant modification.

It requires constant determination.


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