How I Finally Rid My Sciatica by Doing These 3 Simple Exercises

Do you have a dull, nagging pain running down the back of one of your legs?

Does it feel like it’s originating from your glute and pulsing down your hamstring?

If so, you probably have what’s known as sciatica.

The thing about sciatica, is it’s a symptom caused by something bigger.

Possible causes of sciatica include, degenerative disc disease, lumbar spinal stenosis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, herniated disc, and piriformis syndrome.

Today, we’re going to be talking mainly about piriformis syndrome.

But, what exactly is piriformis syndrome?

It’s when the nerves in your butt are compressed against your sciatic nerve, causing pain to run down the back of your leg (sciatica).

sciatic nerve and piriformis muscle

So how can you relieve this pressure so that your piriformis muscle isn’t impinged against your sciatic nerve?

You figure out the reason why this impingement is happening.

For me, it was because my pelvis was constantly rotated to the right.

This constant shift to the right occurred because I was always standing on my right foot.

When you place the brute of your weight onto your right leg, your right pelvis shifts back, while your left pelvis shifts forward.

Overtime, this imbalance becomes permanent, and as a result, you learn to operate in a state of constant misalignment.

You walk asymmetrically. You jog asymmetrically. You squat asymmetrically.

I think you get the point.

When your left pelvis refuses to shift back, it’s no doubt that you’re going to experience pain running down that leg. After all, you aren’t operating in a symmetrical manner.

For example, if you’re walking, and your left pelvis stays stuck in a forward position, then what happens is that when your left foot hits the ground, the energy is displaced detrimentally throughout your leg.

So how can you fix this?

By doing three specific exercises:

Left glute ligament stretch

This stretch relieves the tension in your glutes.

Left hamstring shortening/pelvic realignment

This exercise relieves the pain running down the back of your leg.

Right single-leg glute bridge with resistance band

This exercise strengthens your right glute, giving it more power to transfer weight onto your left foot.

Also, because of the way that your pelvis has been rotated (towards the right), your left hips and glutes are probably much tighter than the right.

Therefore, you must start to implement daily changes in your life:

DO NOT stand on your right leg

DO NOT stretch left hamstrings, left groin, and right glutes

DO NOT strengthen left glutes

DO pretty much the opposite of all the “DO NOT’S“:

DO stand on left leg, stretch right hamstrings, right groin, and left glutes

DO strengthen right glutes (so that your right glute has enough power to push you onto your left)

Within a few days of doing these exercises and following these instructions, my sciatica had started to dissipate.

Within about a week, it was COMPLETELY gone.

So if you’re currently suffering from sciatica stemming from a rotated pelvis, then start doing these exercises TODAY.

Your pain may just start to disappear.


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